Launch + Grow A Profitable Digital Product Business

Launch + Grow A Profitable Digital Product Business

In Just 5 Hours A Week!


Stop trading hours for dollars with my secret sauce strategy!

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Out of time
Don’t have any good ideas for digital products
Trading hours for dollars
Not enough traffic
No sales or marketing skills

After building 500+ printables, and running a digital shop for 10 years, I’ve learned a strategic system that ensures every new product I build… sells.

But first, we have to acknowledge that there are a lot of problems that new digital product shop owners run into…

I’ve seen and dealt with it all, and now I am able to bring all those shortcuts to you!

– Sawsan C

I highly recommend Becky Beach for anyone who is struggling with the next steps of their business. I was at a stalemate with my business and was only able to move my business forward in ways that I never knew how until I received Becky’s guidance. 

She is a valued partner who offers intellect, vision, strategy, action steps, all with encouragement and keeping myself accountable to the next steps of my business.

THIS IS GOLD. If I could give 10 stars, I would.”

Instead, you can start earning passive income from your digital products to scale your blogging or coaching business.

You don’t have to keep trading your hours for dollars as I had been.



Accelerate your digital product business growth













and more!

The Business Beach Club has everything you need for your profitable digital products business. It’s the complete system that I wish existed when I was new to selling digital products myself. 

the business beach club




Will you still be spinning your wheels in your business?

Will your dreams of having a successful digital product business still be a dream?

Will you be breaking your back working an hourly wage?

Just imagine waking up each day to multiple sales that you’ve earned in your sleep.

That’s the power of passive income!

Where will you be this time next year if you don’t invest in the Business Beach Club?

Let’s see what’s in the Business Beach Club!

take a peak...

Over 20 courses included (scroll down to see them all)

Plus, a bonus vault with even MORE specialized valuable training

In the Business Beach Club Basic Membership, you get:

Courses tailored to creating digital products


... and sales and marketing so that you can skyrocket your business 

$5,000 value

Digital planner template

Printable planner template

Digital stickers

Digital papers


1 PLR/commercial use product bundle every month

$37 value


... to hit the ground running on your product creation


Get feedback and questions answered from myself and other members!

Private Facebook
Group Community

$50 value


S.M.A.R.T. Goals Workbook

$17 value


A workbook designed to help you gain clarity on your goals

A live training that shows you how to use AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney to aid in your product creation.

AI Printables Facebook Live Training every month

$97 value


Invitation to the $7 Sale and bundle so that you can gain sales and subscribers



Quarterly sales and bundles designed to give you instant visibility in front of large and expanding audience.

Join myself and other members for an hour strategy session designed to help you skyrocket your potential.

Calls are each Wednesday at 1 pm CST & recorded.

4 monthly mastermind group coaching calls a month

$2,000 value

pro membership exclusive

In the Business Beach Club Pro Membership, you get everything in the basic, plus:

You get access to me during my business hours from 9 am - 4 pm CST every Monday - Friday!

Accelerate your business with a multiple 6-figure coach in your pocket!

Unlimited email and
Voxer coaching

$3,000 value

pro membership exclusive

Learn how to customize your PLR templates to reflect your own branding

Gain even more DFY templates in PowerPoint & Canva

$1,000 value

pro membership exclusive


with Becky

PLR Customization Training library and DFY templates

– Loretta Raine

I have and continue to learn so much from her as she shares her vast knowledge and expertise through her training as well as weekly coaching calls. Being a part of Becky’s pro membership means I get to talk to her in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with others as we all soak up her advice, while sharing our weekly wins.
The participation in the $5 bundles has been the icing on the cake for me and has made the cost of my membership back two-fold, as well as providing a huge boost to my business. 
Here’s to the next fantastic, smashing-those-goals year with you! Thanks Becky :-)

The Pro membership has helped me establish a successful and profitable online business.

what's included

course 01

course 02

Value: $147

course 03

course 04

Value: $147

Value: $147

course 05

course 06

course 07

course 08

course 09

course 10

course 11

course 12

Four Facebook Secrets
for Sellers

course 13

course 14

course 15

course 16

Printables Pinning Academy 

Get steady traffic to your printables and blog by using the power of Pinterest.

Dynamic Designs for Life's Events

Create top-selling digital invites to share on social media!

course 17

course 18

Email Super Sales Mastermind

Use hypnotic sales language to sell your products with email!

+ More!

How to create a PLR business.

Podcasting Made
Easy Mastermind

How to start and monetize your own podcast from scratch.

Value: $147

Productivity Made
Easy Mastermind

How to be more productive in your business using tips and tricks

Value: $147

Value: $147

Business Groups Made Easy Mastermind

How to start your own Facebook Group like a pro.

Get sales and subscribers using Facebook for free without running a single ad.

Value: $147

Value: $497

course 19

course 20

Printables Affiliate Academy

Value: $147

Course Creation
for Creatives

Create consumable courses for your customers

Value: $997

Create printables that sell with Canva and PowerPoint by using user experience design!

Start an affiliate program for your printables store to get sales on auto pilot

Pinning Trends for Printable Sales (Pro Only)

Value: $497

Value: $497

Coloring Book

Self-publish coloring books on Amazon KDP

Value: $147

Value: $597

Use hypnotic language to persuade people to purchase your products.

Sales Copy Transformation (Pro Only)

Value: $147

Value: $147

Value: $147

Printables SEO

use SEO to get traffic from Google and other search engines to your printables and blog.

Use Pinterest Trends to create content in order to sell your printable

Value: $147

Self-publish books print on demand and Kindle books on Amazon KDP

Self-Publishing Mastermind

Create a tripwire sales page that gets you a subscriber and customer in one flash.

Tripwires Made Easy Mastermind

Create a blog to promote your printables business

Write emails that actual get opened and sell your products

Coffee Talk Emails

Value: $147

Printables Blog

American Small
Business for Newbies

Set up an American legal entity for your business and more!

Value: $97

Transformational Printables

What courses do I get access to while in the membership?


Transformational Printables

Transformational Printables

Transformational Printables

Transformational Printables

Write emails that actual get opened and sell your products

Self-Publishing Mastermind

Self-publish books print on demand and Kindle books on Amazon KDP

PLR Sales

This is great for brand new sellers to reach an audience. I promote the sale to all of my affiliates and customers. 

Everyone else in the sale also promotes to their customers.

Some members report earnings up to $500 for the sale and over 200 email subscribers.

Both PLR and personal use products are accepted.

The next event is coming up!

“I recently started listening to Becky’s Coffee Talks (which is in the membership) and everything that she says is so completely true!

Let’s hear from a current pro member!

Once I started listening and implementing her process, I did see a jump in my affiliate from about $20 here and there to right at $300 for last month! Also, I have noticed a jump in my overall sales from funnels to outright purchases, both on my website, and Etsy store!

Thank you so much for telling exactly how you do it, and not holding back! From your mastermind groups, coffee talk emails, and the transformational emails product, I have learned so much.

I just cannot say ty enough! This is extra fun money, extra money in my every day budget for things!

When I send out my affiliate emails, I make sure and say click here for her secret sauce!”

– Marcy Patterson,
now a $7,000+ a month printable seller




frequently asked questions

Is there a contract? Can I cancel anytime?

No! There is not a contract. You can cancel anytime you’d like. To cancel, just email me at

What can't I do with the PLR files in my membership?

You may not resell these PLR PowerPoint templates as is. They must be sold in an end product like a PDF.

What will I receive with the Business Beach Club Membership?

You will get all my courses released in the membership, Bonus Training Vault, 1 PLR print planner, 1 PLR digital planner for GoodNotes, digital stickers, private Facebook group, and 1 training or course.

What will I receive with the Business Beach Club Pro Membership?

You get everything in the regular membership plus a weekly coaching call, and a PLR customization training. The coaching call is on Wednesday at 1 pm CST. If you can’t make the coaching call, it will be recorded.

I signed up for membership recently. Will I have enough time?

I offer a unique perspective on starting a business from 0 to 6 figures. I’m unsure what you are getting from the other membership. If you can spare me one hour a week of your time, I can help you get to where you want to be in your business. With this program, I’m not just saying how to do it, I have lived the right way to do it. You will learn from my countless mistakes in business so that you don’t repeat them!

Is this worth the money?

How much is your financial freedom worth to you? Do you want to be in the same place this time next year or do you wish to grow in your business? If you want to stay stuck in the scarcity mindset, then here is the door. I only want to work with those who want to change their lives!

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds given as this is a digital PLR product and training that cannot be returned. If you do a chargeback then you will be banned from future purchases.

If I cancel, do I lose the license for my PLR products?

No you will not lose your licenses like some other memberships around. You retain the PLR license, even if you cancel the membership. No refunds will be given.

What is the $5 sale?

Every quarter, we have a $5 members only sale. You can contribute a PLR or personal use product and then I will promote it to my lists. You get to keep all the money you make in the sale.

– Aimee Bagshaw

I am a HUGE fan of everything in this membership, but the $5 sale is literally the cherry on top!

I have been a member now for about a year, and have participated in every sale since joining. The most recent sale in April 2023, I made enough in sales to cover my entire year’s membership fee*, PLUS I still took home a profit above that! This also means that the other 3 sales this year are also strictly profit!!

The conversion rate for my upsells in these sales is usually quite high in comparison to some other events I participate in, and in this last sale my conversion was 50%!! That means that every other person purchased my upsell!! 

I HIGHLY recommend this membership and think everyone should join!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary in the $5 Sale. PLR products have a higher chance of receiving sales than personal use.